Asma Bushra Anwar

Carpe Diem Ability Development Center is a wellness management initiative introduced by Asma Bushra Anwar, who has a Fellowship from Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (FCIPD) from United Kingdom, along with other certifications such as Reiki Master/Teacher, Access Consciousness – The Bars Practitioner, Access Body Process Practitioner, Access Facelift Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach. She has over 2 decades of experience and expertise in Human Resources Practice serving Government, Semi-Government and Private Sectors in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Pratibha Tiwari

A Certified NLP Coach, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Career Counsellor, Healer and Spiritual Coach. She did Masters in Computer Application followed by an M.Phil. She has 12 years industrial and institutional professional experience that helps her effectively coach/counsel others. She has firm belief in honesty and high performance. She enjoys engaging in spreading positivity and happiness around. She believes effective coaching leads to positive changes to make one's life 'more beautiful and happy'.


Dalbirr Chana

An Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator, Access Facelift Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner, Angel and Tarot Card Therapy Practitioner and much more. She has many years’ experience in soulful living. She is always learning and teaching others that there are infinite possibilities available to everyone. She believes if we give up all limitations about past, we can create greater in all aspects of our life. What would it more awareness in the areas of money, aging, body, sexuality, joy, sadness, healing and creativity? In just a single day’s training from her, you will learn the basics of Access Consciousness.


Susanna De Bruin

An Energetic body worker who lives in Dubai for the past six years. Her personal journey has moved her into working with people to understand their choices and change their lives. Learning that the body and our emotions are so closely connected she has learned to work with the subtle energies of the body and assisting people to feel more ease physically. She describes it as being something that she ‘just does’ instead of using a specific technique. One of the techniques that has had a big impact on her life and way of thinking is the Access Consciousness tools especially the Access Bars. It changed so much for her that she wanted to teach others how to do it, and today she is an Access Consciousness Facilitator.


Shobha Raju

A Reiki Practitioner and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. She has the ability to channel healing energy around the client's body to help them feel calm, composed, relaxed and have a better sense of their wellbeing.


Daphne Blouet

A French Reiki Master/Teacher certified and based in UAE since 2014. Fond of yoga since she is 16, she is devoted to meditation, inspired by Ayurveda and has build her life around art. She favors a kind and loving approach, honoring the quality of energy receiver, Daphne believes in the power of energies embodied – connected to the physical, emotional, intellectual. Practicing Reiki as a life philosophy has brought her joy, patience, optimism and the courage to embrace vulnerability.


Divya Menon

Divya has been practicing yoga from her adolescence. She believes yoga is for everyone and it is a celebration of what body can do. She teaches yoga to bring about a perfect balance for movement for body and stillness for the mind. She teaches Hatha, Yin and Ashtanga yoga.


Rula Al Ghoul

A motivated yoga and meditation instructor. She is specialized in Yoga Alliance (US) Certified Yoga, Swing Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. Her classes encourages a body awareness, sense of exploration and independence in the practice. She teaches different forms of stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques with emphasis on being in the present!


Nicola Jane Ablett

Nicola Jane Ablett has nineteen plus years of Human Capital experience in various business setups, with a strong background and accomplishments both on an individual & team basis. Coaching and mentoring UAE Nationals at all levels within Government and Private sector plus privately is her main forte. She has extensive knowledge of UAE culture and systems. She is motivated, enthusiastic, has excellent communication, creative and innovative, adaptable, solution focused and a self-starter. Psychometric Profiling - Attained British Psychological Society Competency training in level A and B allowed her to become a member of the BPS. Other expertise includes, Change Management and its cause and effect particularly in the Middle East with International companies and their interfacing; and, Strategic Planning - active involvement in strategic planning viewing H.R. as strategic and not purely functional. She is also a PRISM Certified Practitioner and MINDMLL Psychometric Practitioner.


Sahar Al Khatib

Sahar Al Khatib is the founder of the first Arabic women support group in Abu Dhabi. She has more than 200 coaching hours given to women on different topics. She delivers speeches and workshops to women in different feminine groups. She has an ACC from ICF and CPCC from CTI.


Moustafa Hegazy

Moustafa Hegazy has 3500 of logged hours of coaching. He is a professional coach in relationships management. He is an Associate certified coach from ICF and an NLP practitioner. He is also Professional in emotional intelligence.


Larissa Maple

Larissa is a certified 200 RYT Yoga Instructor and REPS certified level 3 Personal Trainer. She is also a Rescue Diver who is PDI certified. She manages yoga and meditation classes for Carpe Diem.